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1. There are a lot of empty milk packs which we can recycle.

2. There are a lot of empty milk cartons which we can recycle.

(Are both the same? Is 'milk carton' milk pack?

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    When I googled milk packs, it seemed to be almost any shaped cardboard container for milk. Cartons gives a very distinct image of the shape of it in my mind. I might be wrong, though. Wait for better answers, but that's my initial thought. I never really heard "milk packet" used and would think of powdered milk in a tear-open packet.

    Sorry to help with the confusion.

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    I thought I answered this once before.

    The term "milk carton" is the common term used in the US. I don't know if "milk pack" is used in other countries or not, but I had never heard it until you posted with this question!

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    PS -- Since "lot" is the subject of the sentence, the verb needs to be singular -- or rephrase. Use one of the following:

    There's a lot of ...
    There are many ...

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