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Fine Art

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2. A process that uses grease and water to reproduce many prints is called
a. lithography
b. relief
c. screen printing
d. intaglio

4. ______ describes the lightness or darkness of a color.
a. Hue
b. Intensity
c. Value
d. Unity

5. When gathering information about a piece of art, the best place to start is by
a. getting a description of the artwork
b. analyzing the features
c. judging the work's importance
d. interpreting surrounding influences of the artist

6. A design with raised areas used for applying ink is a
a. casting
b. modeling
c. bas relief
d. relief print

7. The area taken up by an object or element in a work of art is called
a. mass
b. space
c. form
d. volume


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    all correct.

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