9th grade algebra

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The table shows the ammount ( IN dollars) spent by a household on plans and flowers in certain years. ( Time interval means to give a range of years)

A) Determine the time interval during which the amount spent on plans showed the least rate of change.

B) Determine the time interval during which the amount spent on plants showed the greatest rate of change

Year: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
Amount: 127, 134, 139, 137, 136

Answer for A:
2001, 127.

Answer for B: 2003, 139

Did I do these right?/

Thanks :)

  • 9th grade algebra -

    Answer for A: 2004-2005
    Do B the same way.

  • 9th grade algebra -

    no, the greatest rate was 2001-2001
    the least rate was 2003-2004, rate was -2/per year.

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