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a 75.0 kilogram skier is at the top of a hill that is thirty degrees above the horizontal. the skier starts form and then travels down the hill which is 100 meters long. the skier at the bottom of the hill instantaneously then travels on flat horizontal snow. the coeefficient of sliding friction between the skier and the snow is 0.100. calculate the distance the skier stops from the bottom of the hill.

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    Assume the snow on the hill and horizontal have friction.

    the Potential energy of the skier is 75g*100sin30

    all of that energy is expended in the snow.
    frictionworkon hill=mu*Fn*100
    = mu*mgSin30*100
    friction work on horizontal
    = mu*mg*distance

    set the sum of the friction work equal to the initial GPE, and solve for distance.

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    I had a brain freeze, change sin30 in the friction to cos30. Goodness

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