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Algebra: exponents

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(b^(-4y+7))(b^y) / b

I got 1 / b^(3y-8)

but the answer is supposed to be 1 / b^(3y+6) ?

could someone write the steps to solving this?

  • Algebra: exponents -

    I just solved it and i know how to get 1 / b^(3y+6) as the answer

    but, if for the exponent -4y+7 if it isn't -(4y+7) I wouldn't move it to the bottom of a fraction?

  • Algebra: exponents -

    by answer I meant b^-3y+6

  • Algebra: exponents -

    You may put the exponents in the numerator or denominator.

    a3= 1/a-3

    sometimes teachers have beginning students move them around just for practice.

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