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Physics Homework

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A 2000 lb box is being held at rest submerged in water. The box is displacing 2500 lbs of water. When the box is released from its submerged position, the box will

a. sink
b. rise to the surface and float
c. remain where it is
d. result unknown

Ok, so if the box is put in the water, it can either sink or float because we don't know what the box contains, so the result is unknown. Is that correct?

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    absolutely not. You are missing the entire point of Archimedes Principle: what is the bouyancy force of that displaced water?

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    The answer is b. Archimedes principle states that if the the weight of the object is smaller than the displacement of the water, then the object will rise.

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    the sum of the potential and kinetic energies of string is_____________

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