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US History

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33. Because of its reliance on aircraft to carry nuclear weapons, the United States lagged behind the Soviet Union in
a. hydrogen bombing testing
b. spy plane technology
c. missile development
d. destroyer and cruiser connection

36. What development helped women take their first steps toward public life?
a. rise of labor unions
b. laws giving women pay equal with that of men
c. rise of national women's groups
d. men's increased interest in women's rights

38. At the heart of Native American activism is
a. the need to make money
b. the disappearance of the buffalo
c. sadness over their lost culture
d. the desire to protect their remaining land
C or D?

41. International trade slowed down as a result of
a. the Bonus Army's demands
b. the election of 1932
c. the Hawley-Smoot tariff
d. The Allies' payment of their war debts
Not sure..


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