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.) Bailey has taken up parkour. She attempts to clear the gap between two buildings. Bailey is on a roof which is 50m high and she is attempting the jump to a building that is 42m high.
a.) If the two buildings were built touching (i.e. there is no gap) How long would it take for Bailey to drop down to the other building
b.) Now, since horizontal and vertical motions are completely independent, we can say that no matter how far the gap is, Haley MUST stay in the air for the length of time you found in part a.) If then she is running at 10m/s (about top speed for humans) and she goes off the roof perfectly horizontal, what is the max gap the two buildings may be separated by?

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    a) how long does free fall take to go 8 m?

    b) find the time to cover the 8 meter gap;
    time= 8/10 sec

    now, how far did she fall in this time/

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