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In the paragraphs below, look for shifts in verb tense. In each paragraph, cross out these verb shifts and replace them so that there is verb tense consistency. Write in the correct form of the verb above what you have crossed out.

1. I watched the small children with their mother as they threw bread to the ducks. The ducks catch the bread in their beaks. The children cheer loudly. This makes me happy and I smiled. I will go home happy. When I went home I write a simple poem about my day.

In this paragraph i crossed out CATCH and changed it to CATCHED. CHEER changed to CHEERED and WRITE changed to WROTE. Am i correct? I was unsure about the WILL GO, should that be changed?

2.In Smith’s new book “Dragon” the theme of driving ambition is important. The main character, Big John, takes the prophecy of his friend, Jacko, seriously and developed a dreadful plan which leads to death and misery. He believed the plan was foolproof but he is wrong. He will encounter many obstacles on his journey. At first Big John believes his plan was working but he is wrong. This book was not up to Smith’s usual standard.

This paragraph should be in present tense but i don't know what to change. Help.

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    1. The past tense of "catch" is not "catched"!!!

    "will go" ~~> "went"


    2. what?
    will encounter
    was working

  • Grammar -

    1. "catch" will change to "caught"?

    developed --> develops
    believed --> believes
    was --> is
    will encounter --> encouenters
    was working --> are working
    was --> is

    Are these correct?

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    Yes, good corrections!


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