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3rd grade

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how to classify sentence and finding the complete subject and complete predicate?

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    Finding subjects and verbs:

    Once you have found the main subject and main verb for each sentence, you should be able to tell which words go with the subject (that will tell you what the complete subject is) and which words go with the verb (that will tell you what the complete predicate is). With most sentences (but not all), you can draw a line in front of the main verb; then the complete subject is in front of that line, and the complete predicate is after that line.

    Jane / saw the ball game.

    My Aunt Sally / went shopping yesterday.


    There are two different ways to classify sentences. Which one do you need to know about?

    simple sentence
    compound sentence
    complex sentence
    compound-complex sentence



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    Study these sites.

  • 3rd grade -


    ask your self
    Who is this sentence about??
    for example

    I really want to go to the park.

    Who wants to go to the park?
    I do.

    Everything else in the sentence.

    Hope this helps!!!

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