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1.0 mol of water (c=4.184 J/g.oC), 1.0 mol of ethanol (c=2.46 J/g.oC), 1.0 mol of carbon tetrachloride (c=0.861 J/g.oC), and 1.0 mol of ethylene glycol (c=2.42 J/g.oC) at 50oC were each placed into a separate coffee cup calorimeter and the temperature recorded. The temperature of the surroundings was 20oC. After 1 hour the temperature of which substance would have changed by the smallest amount? Assume the rate of heat transfer from the coffee cup to the surroundings is the same in each case.

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    heat in cup= mass*specific heat*temp difference.

    temp in cup= (heatinitially-heatlost(t))/(mass*c)

    temp in cup= Ti- heat lost(t)/m*c

    so since the heat lost (t) is the same for all cups, the temp in the cup depends on massstuff*c

    look at the products of massmole*c for each of the four combinations. To get the lowest temp change, mc product has to be high.

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