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a suspenion bridge is in a shape of a parabola and has a length of 3000 feet between the uprights. the roadbed is 50 feet above the river and the lowest point of the curved cable is 25 feet above the road. if the height is 450 feet, how long is the vertical support cable that is located halfway between an upright and the center of the bridge?

  • calculus -

    y=a(x-1500)^2+b is the form of the equation.
    you need to solve for a, b. Well, you know immediately that at x=1500, b has to be 25
    Now, at x=0, you know y=450. Solve for a.

    Now, with a,b solve for y when x=750

    What is the calculus in this?

  • math -

    a parabolic bridge over a road is 4 meter tall 4 meter wide and 5 meter long determain the maximum height of a 2 meter truck can drive under the bridge

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