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Physics 11

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How much would a 80kg astronaut weigh on Earth? How much would they weigh 500 km above the surface of the Earth?

Thank you!

  • Physics 11 -

    on Earth, weight= mg
    at the higher altitude,
    weight= mg* (re/(re+800))^2 where re is the radius of earth in km.

  • Physics 11 -

    80 * 9.81 = weight on surface where R = Rearth

    weight * R^2 = constant = G m M

    weight at Rearth +500,000 meters

    weight*(Rearth+5*10^5)^2 = 80*9.81 * Rearth^2

    weight up there = 80*9.81 (Rearth)^2/(Reart+5*10^5)^2

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