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1. We can massage old people's backs.
2. We can help them use a computer.
3. We can visit their houses and clean rooms.
4. We can take them to a bathroom in wheelchairs.
5. We can help them wash their faces.
6. We can help them take a bath.
7. We can prepare towels and soap for them and help them take a bath.
8. We can help them walk to a bathroom and wash their bodies.

(Are the expressions above all grammatical? Would you check errors? Thank you.)

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    All are grammatical, yes.

    The only thing I would change is to use "the" in front of "bathroom" instead of "a."

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    7 and 8 seem repetitive. You said you can help them take a bath in 7 and help them wash their bodies in 8. That's really the same thing.

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