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I have to answer these questions in a few sentences, but I can't figure the first one out. Different websites tell me different stuff..

1. How was the world created?

2. Description of God
There is no single deity, instead there are thousands of gods. (needs more details)

3. What happens after death?
Hinduism has a strong focus on reincarnation, or rebirth. For Hindus death is not the end; there is something more after that. The belief is that once a Hindu dies, his/her soul will take on a different body and be ‘reborn’. The Bhagavad Gita explains that just as the body changes clothes so does the soul change from one body to another.

4. Where is this religion mostly practiced?
All though Hinduism is spread around the world, it is primarily practiced in India.

5. How many people practice this religion?
Ranking as the worlds third largest religion, Hinduism has close to 900 million followers.

For most of the questions I have one sentence answers..I really wanna change that, but I'm getting confused by all the different information I'm finding.

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    There are several creation myths in Hindu. There is no one creation story.

    On the description of God, you capitalized it, I am not certain Hindus would capitalize it as a Proper Noun.
    Think about that.

    After death? There is no one single belief

    where the "religion" is practiced? Hmmm, you presuppose it is a religion. I think it is a way of life.

    Read this carefully:

  • hinduism -

    The reason you're finding so many different answers lies in the fact that it has close to 900 million followers. All world religions have several versions of their beliefs. Each sect or division of the religion interprets it differently. Think of the many denominations within Christianity and the divisions within Islam.

    As I understand Hinduism (which is not very much), the tenet that is probably the most common is that the goal is not to be reborn after death, but to become one with God. However, people are fated to be reborn over and over again until they achieve this Nirvana.

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