Writing an essay, help please?

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Here is what I've done so far:
( This is a link, so I put spaces there so I could put it)

and here are the directions:

I need help filling out the rest of the paper,
Can somebody help me fill out the next one?
( Commentary number one) Which is opinion, but since this is a religion paper, my teacher told me we could also use facts, and not just our opinnions.
Thank you for your help.

- Allyson

  • Writing an essay, help please? -

    Here are the links.

    assignment: http://oi55.tinypic.com/2mxejxs.jpg
    "work" to date: http://oi56.tinypic.com/ketagm.jpg

    I'm sure you can find more similarities and differences if you look in your text for these words: Jerusalem, Old Testament, monotheism.

    This assignment is designed for you to study and comprehend your text.

  • Writing an essay, help please? -

    My teacher told me not to use the old testament for some odd reason? I couldn't remember why, but he told me not too. And yeah, I'm looking on religonfacts on google. But I don't know how to start off the next commentary, could you help me?


  • Writing an essay, help please? -

    You have two facts in your first CD.

    For monotheistic, you could add the names of God used in each religion. For origins in the Middle East, be specific about the original locations of each religion. You should also include Jerusalem as a holy city for each and tell why it's considered holy for each of them.

  • Writing an essay, help please? -

    For this one I wrote:
    Judaism, the oldest of the monotheistic religions, was a common source for the "cousin" religions Islam and Christianity, who came about in relatively the same time period.

    Is that good?

  • Writing an essay, help please? -

    It is ok, in your writing you will probably expand on "cousins", as that is one of the points of the assignment "similarities". Of course, cousins are different also...and that is the other point.

  • Writing an essay, help please? -

    Now, write that in your own words.

  • Writing an essay, help please? -

    well, cousins are basically saying that they are relative.

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