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PLEASE HELP Science Test Friday Study Guide?
I have 1 to 22 already but I am stuck now I have to have this completed and correctly for my study guide. I have a C right now I need an A on this test to bring it up to a B or I stay on restriction please help I have been on restriction for 2 weeks now I want to cry I don't understand science I am terrible w/ it.

For questions 22–31, Place the letter of the term that best matches the situation.

A. Variables
B. Analysis
C. Experimental group (warmer or colder than body temperature)
D. Conclusion
E. Data collected
F. Controlled conditions
G. Preliminary observation
H. Control (closest to body temperature)
I. Hypothesis
J. Question

22. Materials feel warm or cool to the touch
23. Wood
24. Metal, Styrofoam
25. Will different surfaces affect the melting rate of an ice cube?
26. Different counter surfaces
27. If an ice cube is placed on the surface of each material, then the material that feels warmest will melt the ice cube the fastest.
28. Measurement of melting time
29. The material that felt the coolest melted the ice the fastest.
30. Same sized ice cubes, flat surfaced materials and equal mass
31. The materials tested were at room temperature. Since body temperature was warmer than the room temperature, heat will be lost to the material in direct relationship to its density. Styrofoam, as the least dense, felt closer to body temperature and didn't lose much heat. However, it was the best insulator and maintained the ice cube the longest.

True or False 32-35

32. In the above experiment, the hypothesis was not right. This makes the experiment a failure. True or False
33. When a hypothesis is not correct a good researcher would rewrite the hypothesis and then re-test it. True or False
34. A successful experiment is one that can be analyzed and explained, even if the answer is not what the researcher expected. True or False
35. A successful experiment often leads to more questions. True or False

36. List the basic steps of the Scientific Method in order
I am not 100% sure if I am correct please correct if wrong
1. finding a question
2. form the hypothesis
3. do an experiment
4. analyze results
5. draw conclusions

37. Think of one or two products sold in this country that are tested, using the scientific method, before they are placed on the market and then later found to be dangerous. Explain how faulty or incomplete testing of a product can become a threat to health and give two specific examples.

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    Nobody is going to do all this work for you on here, they always say they don't do your homework and they just HELP.
    i can definately try though, some are veryyy self explanatory. i know how you feel with the whole "grounded" thing

  • Earth and Science -

    OMG I am stuck on the same exact problems, so difficult!

  • Science -

    ‎"Do I think that I’m smarter than you? You’re damn right I do. But if you think that means that I can’t kick your ass up and down this floor - take a swing and see what happens…...
    I didn’t think so."

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