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I need help figuring out what this poem means. Thanks

Analysis of a Sound in the Middle of the Night by Nicole Brossard

time free-falling in my arms,
I await night the midpoint of midnight
life stretches out palm tree silence
in the folds of representation
I speak intimate in the open air

noise of lips of water soft
time slips between births and given names
on our cheeks the sleek idea of solitude
so alive we would have caressed it and tomorrow
upright like a new album amid mores
and the sudden sound of a book: it falls

in my sleep a palace of memory
history now soundproof
sueno along existential paths
sono along bones

in the beginnish of solitudes
flesh quite electric
the word-for-word of the mind
bonne vivante I palpate
the astonishing configuration of an entire life

this is how we'll recall
museum visits long past
the sound of anguish having crossed over
novels certitudes and solitude
as if the future had doubled back

here and there tombs scattered
the sound of everything is so true
never set down

for years the same question
while breathing in front of the map of the world
on front of the clock's tools
on bone territory under the moon
then out nowhere
this sudden silence born of a drop of water
like a do you remember
mobile above the head
a crazy silence
in sight of desire and of our organs laid out

cole once more has taken shape
India and its rivers mow down
our self-satisfied rest
our leaden human matter transposed
night tree in digital flower
all image of night depleted
beacause of the words that prepared it
in the midst of eyelashes

night beers with its leaves of green ink
I'm going to the edge of the abyss
look for me by the river
tell me I'm incapable of wounds
each phrase treads ble a la limite

all my limbs of pleasure and slow planet
their vibration in the green wind
all my limbs of pleasure
flattened in an uneven dream
where pain and desire make humidity
and perfection out of Fridays in July

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