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How to write a argumentative essay on Plymouth,Massachusetts 1620 ?
What can be some topics????

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    Only you can choose your topic. If it's to be argumentative, then you must take a good, strong stand on whatever issue you choose. No wishy-washy stuff! One question that comes to my mind is this: If the English people who landed at Plymouth knew about the Jamestown problems and deaths, why did they try the same thing but in a harsher climate?

    Now that's not a topic, but it could lead to one. Also be sure to read this:

    (for writing argumentative essays)

    Here are some excellent websites that will help you with the writing process, researching, etc., especially for an argumentative paper (and what to do with that opposing view).
    Go to Argumentative Essays across the top.
    Click on Step by Step for the process. Click on Info Search for help with researching.

    (Broken Link Removed)
    Use this for everything! The table of contents listed in the column on the left will help you immensely.

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