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Object 1 has a mass m1 and a velocity vector v 1 = (2.87 m/s)xhat. Object 2 has a mass m2 and a velocity vector v 2 = (3.06 m/s)yhat. The total momentum of these two objects has a magnitude of 18.6 kg · m/s and points in a direction 66.5° above the positive x-axis. Find m1 and m2.

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    Momentum is a vector:

    18.6@66.5 deg= M1*2.87i + M2*3.06j

    18.6cos66.5 i + 18.6sin66.5j=...

    18.6cos66.5=M1*2.87 solve for M1
    18.6 sin66.5=M2*2.87 solve for M2

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    Bob got it pretty much right

    P=total momentum


    for M2 bob accidentally said v1 for v2

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