11th grade physics

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calculating the total distance ???

  • 11th grade physics -

    Your question leaves much to be wondered about.

  • 11th grade physics -

    determine the distance traveled by the car on this to the store.show your calculation and include units in your answer.

    calculate the average speed of the car or this trip.show your calculations and include units in your answer.

    determine the displacement of the car for this trip.

    calculate the averge velocity of the car upon arrival at the store .

  • 11th grade physics -

    Which store? Malwarts?

  • 11th grade physics -

    a car starts from rest and accelerates for 5.2 seconds with an acceleration of 1.1 miles/s2 how far does it travel be answers are in units of miles

  • 11th grade physics -


  • 11th grade physics -

    A thin copper rod 1.0 m long has a mass of 50 grams. What is the minimum current in the rod that
    would allow it to "float" in a magnetic field of 0.1T?

  • 11th grade physics -

    physics dynamics

  • 11th grade physics -

    Physics numericals measurement topic

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