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US History

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29. The Greenback party and Farmers' Alliances both called for
a. putting more money into circulation
b. opening American markets to foreign crops
c. cutting back on protests
d. repealing the Sherman Silver Purchase Act
I can't seem to find the answer for this...

32. The experiences of African Americans living in the colonies were
a. harsh only on plantations
b. similar to those of indentured servants
c. the same as those of Native Americans
d. varied depending on where they lived

33. Lee won a brilliant victory at Chancellorsville through the tactic of
a. dividing his forces
b. taking a defensive position
c. holding the high ground
d. relying on artillery

34. Which of the following contributed to the cattle ranching boom?
a. technical advances
b. falling crop prices
c. expansion of the railroads
d. dry farming

35. While Europeans regarded land as property, Native Americans
a. used land as a bargaining tool
b. willed their private lands to other members of their clan
c. bought and sold land in exchange for shells and precious metals
d. believed that land could not be owned, traded, or sold.

36. As a result of the early women's movement, women began to
a. own property and make wills
b. join religious revivals
c. vote in local elections
d. graduate from college


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