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What pressure (atm) is exerted by a column of ethanol 65.0 cm high? The density of ethanol is 0.789 g/cm3 and 9.8m/s2 as your gravitational constant.

mass*gis the weight of the column
density*h*area*g= weight
density*h*g= pressure

Thanks for your help Bob. The answer i got is 51.3
is this what you also got?

  • chem-Bob -

    I don't work them out, but I have to tell you , 51.3 is totally meaningless without units. For example:

    pressure= .789g/cm^3 * 65cm*9.8N/kg
    = .789E3kg/m^3*.65m*9.8N/kg now in SI units.
    = 5.03kN/m^2 or 5.03kPascals

    check that

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