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can i just ask why some people who post a question get the answers and others get told they don`t have the work done for them its not fair.
i know its a site where people get HELP with their homework but shouldn`t everyone be treated the same?

  • everyone -

    We tutors are all professionals with many, many years of experience. We use our judgment to deterimine if a question should be answered directly or if we need to see some effort exerted by the student.

    For instance, five complex questions in a row with no attempt at answering looks like homework dumping. If the person only posts one question, we may assume that this is the only part of an assignment that the student doesn't understand.

  • everyone -

    And, because this is a HELP board, we do not DO the homework for you but try to find any links that will help you, if the question is not in our field.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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