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How to do Excel Spreadsheet- Formulas?
I have to do an excel spreadsheet for my computer class. Problem is my professor didn't at all explain how to do it. What formulas am I supposed to use! Please Help. The info he gave us are : Cash Sales: 56%, Rec. Last month: 28%, Rec. Last 2 months: 16%, COGS: 29%, Sales Tax: 6%, Income Tax: 22%, Rent: $5200, Fixed selling cost: $2000.
Jan: $55,000 Feb $69,000 March $82,000 Apr $64,000 May $ 58,000 Jun $47,000 Jul $41,000 Aug $ 46,000 Sep $52,000 Oct $68,000 NOV $57,000 DEC $86,000.

I have to find the Total Sales, total cash sales, cash from receivables. total cash in, COGS, selling cost, sales tax, monthly rent, income tax, total cash out, net cash in(out), cash position, positive cash flow?, net cash rank, average of 12 months sales, highest of 12 months sales, lowest of 12 months sales.

I'm not asking for anyone to do it but to please shed some light on how to do it. We have to use formulas in excel to come up with the numbers. If anyone knows a website to help me or knows how to themselves it would be greatly appreciated. Please help! Thanks so much!!

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