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The electrolysis (decomposition) of water produces hydrogen gas at the rate of 30.0 mL/min.

A) Write a balanced chemical equation for this reaction and include phase designations.

2H2O(aq)---> 4H2(g)O2(g)

Is whatever I've done above correct?

B) What volume of hydrogen gas can be produced in 4.5 min?

30.0 ml
_______ = 66.6v.

4.5 min

Is this right?

C) Based on your balanced equation, predict the rate of oxygen gas produced.

I am unsure of this question. I don't get it.

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    A looks ok but you omitted the + sign between the products.

    B doesn't look right to me. The units don't seem to be right. I would think if the production is 30 mL/min then it would be 30 mL/min x 4.5 min (note the min calcel to leave mL which is what you want) = 30 x 4.5 = ??

    C. Looking at the coefficients, I would think O2 would be produced at 1/4 the rate of H2 since the coefficients are 4/1 in favor of hydrogen.

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