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I tried to correct the wrong sentences myself. Please, tell me if everything is ok.
1) Then, Marlow went into the broken-down hut and found an old book about seamanship with notes written in code.
2) He came to Africa with the intention of civilizating the natives.
He had a highly moral view of the European role in Africa.
3) He was looked upon by the natives because he came to Africa with the guns, and the natives had seen anything like them (or that?) before.
4) He failed his mission because he didn't have enough strength of character too face the solitude and wilderness of the jungle.
5)The first person they met was a Russian, who traded ivory. He looked like a harlequin in his higly colored clothes with patches in them.
6) His soul was struggling between his love of what he had discovered, and the hatred for what he had discovered.

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    2. civilizing
    3. doesn't make sense at all. He was looked upon by the natives" doesn' say anything. Work on all the sentences here.
    4. "to face"
    5. highly....with patches on them.
    6. discovered and his hatred for what he had discovered.

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    1. remove comma after "then"

    3. he was looked down upon...

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