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The following reaction is a step in the commercial production of sulfuric acid.

2SO2(g) + O2(g) 2SO3(g)

The equilibrium constant is very high at room temperature, but the reaction is very slow. It must be run at high temperatures to achieve a reasonable rate of reaction. However the equilibrium constant decreases as temperature increases. Calculate Kc at 807 °C from the following concentration data:
[SO3] = 0.016 M
[SO2] = 0.029 M
[O2] = 0.0058 M

I calculated 52.48 for Kc I don't understand how to figure it out for a certain temperature.

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    You did it at 807C.

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    so is that the right answer? Because my online assignment keeps telling me that it is incorrect

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    I didn't work it out


    I didn't get your answer.

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