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Hello, I need help writing my short essay.
IRAC stands for Issue, Rule, Application and Conclusion. When properly answering a legal essay, the writer should clearly identify the legal ISSUE in the fact pattern given. The proper RULE of LAW should then be APPLIED to the issues and facts. A correct CONCLUSION regarding the question should then be reached.

Q. Maria has been an outstanding employee for Taka Motors for the past 14 years. She is called into her supervisor's office unexpectedly one morning and promptly fired. She is told he has reviewed her e-mails on the company account and noticed one titled, "Why Jelly Beans Make Better Listeners Than Husbands." The supervisor points to language in the employee handbook stating personal e-mails are not allowed on the work server. She sues for $100,000.00 in federal court, alleging the company breached her privacy under California law by reading her non-work related e-mails. The company is incorporated in California, does business only in California, and Maria lives and works within California. Can she sue in federal court and based on the reading, does she have a viable case on the merits?

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    I would write this so there's a paragraph for each of the four main items. Each paragraph should have 5-8 sentences in it to completely explain its content.

    I. Issue -- clearly identify the legal ISSUE in the fact pattern given

    II. Rule -- identify the proper rule of law

    III. Application of rule of law to the issues and facts

    IV. Conclusion reached regarding this legal question

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