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college physics

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If a is acceleration, v is velocity, x is position, and t is time, then
check the validity (wrong or correct) of the following equations using
dimensional analysis:
a) t2 = 2x/a
b) t = x/v
c) a = v/x
d) v = a/t

The term 1/2 PV^2
rv2 occurs in Bernoulli’s equation in Chapter 15,
with P being the density of a fluid and v its speed. Find the dimensions of
1/2 PV^2

Thank you in advance .

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    on the first, I will be happy to critique your thinking.

    on the second

    Pressure*velocity^2=force/area * distance^2/time^2=


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    in the first i chose last one
    but in second p mean density so the formula should be p=m/v m mass , v volume is not it ?

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    (M/L^3) x (L^2/T^2) = M/LT = ML^-1T^-2

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