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I looked at the website that was given to me last night. Can someone please tell me if my answers are right or wrong. Thank You

Is this an example of imagery: Mrs. Wyman is so sweet sometimes you swear you can smell muffins baking.

Is this an example of connotation or denotation? (I think it's denotation i'm not 100% though) He's a real grouch for sure, she goes on. But one that I've learned in my twenty eight years of living Bobby is that if somebody if a grouch its usually because their not happy and if they're not happy theres a reason for it.

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    I agree with your first answer.

    For the second, consider the two definitions:

    denotation: (dee-noh-tay-shuhn)
    The basic dictionary meaning of a word, without its connotations. For example, the denotation of the word modern is “belonging to recent times,” although the word may have different connotations.


    connotation, the range of further associations that a word or phrase suggests in addition to its straightforward dictionary meaning (the primary sense known as its denotation); or one of these secondary meanings. A word's connotations can usually be formulated as a series of qualities, contexts, and emotional responses commonly associated with its referent (that to which it refers). Which of these will be activated by the word will depend on the context in which it is used, and to some degree on the reader or hearer. Metaphors are made possible by the fact that the two terms they identify both have overlapping connotations. For example, the word worm denotes a small, slender invertebrate; but its connotation of slow burrowing activity also allows an ingratiating person to be described metaphorically as ‘worming his way into favour’, while other connotations based on emotional response (sliminess, insignificance) permit a person to be described simply as ‘a worm’.

    I think you're probably right about the second one, too, but read through the definitions to make sure.

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