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I am having trouble, I have a question I think I got the answer because I kept multiplying and dividing, but I have to show my work but when i try, my answer is not the same.

The question is A traffic light at one intersection changes every 28 seconds and the light at the other intersection changes every 32 seconds. How long until they both change together?

I got every 8 light changes. Can you please help me solve this?

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    sorry forgot to put math.

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    I got it, it is every 224 seconds. I had to find the LCM to find the GCF. I then had to multiply 28 and 32 to divide the GCF which gave me 224. Thanks anyway.

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    Definitely not 2nd grade..

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    it is 1,235,1469,2587,265,874 times 1million

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    don't listen to bill.

    he is in high school.

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