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Where is the largest concentration of people?
East Asia

If the physiological density is higher than the arithmetic density what can you infer?
There's too many people for resources.

What stage of the demographic transition has a rapidly delcining crude death rate?
stage 2

Lowest crude birth rates, what stage?
stage 4

Population is clustered in 5 regions. Which is not one of them?
sub-saharan africa

What caused the annual population growth rate to increase 200 years ago?
industrial revolution

Englands population pyramid resembles..
Denmark's population pyramid

Highest crude death rate, what stage?
stage 1

Country x has a cbr of 40 and cdr of 15, what stage?
stage 2

Less developed countries entered stage 2 by..
diffusion of medical technology

Societies move from stage 2 to stage 3 because of technology change, but stage 3 to stage 4 by social change.

Since World War 2, population is growing more slowly.

Are my answers right? Thanks for your input! (:

  • Human Geography-Help! -

    I doubt anyone here has any idea what stages 1, 2, 3, etc., are or what any countries' population pyramids look like.

    You have the data for all this in your text, right?

  • Human Geography-Help! -

    Yeah, and by stages I mean the stages of the demographic transition. I'm feeling pretty confident though, so it's alright.

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