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Are any of these examples of imagery, personification, similie, metaphor, connotation, denotation

1) Pam is standing there with Joe's head in sink and this bottle of coloring that is red. Not normal hair color red, red like a maraschino cherry

2) I reach over and rub him on the top of his head because he reminds me of one of those puppies who looks up at you at the pet store with its big, sad eyes just begging you to take it home with you but nobody does.

3) She is doing everything that she can to keep from hurling herself across the room scattering innocent seventh graders to the four corners of earth and tearing Addies liver out with her bare teeth

4) If they're not home, you can bet on a stack of pancakes that they are within yoo-hooing distance of somebody who knows them.

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    If you're in doubt, be sure to look up each term here and let us know what you discover.


    And be sure to watch your spelling; it's simile, not "similie."

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    1) is either a metaphor or a simile. I'm not too sure

    2) personification

    3) Not sure

    4) personification

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    1 is a simile -- see the word "like" in there to make the comparison?

    2 is correct

    I'd call 3 hyperbole, but it's not one of your choices.

    4 is dealing with lots of slang, but I suppose you could call this imagery since most of the sentence is supposed to put specific images into your mind.

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