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PHYSIC help!

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a cart is pushed uphill on a ramp, goes up and momentarily stops, and then goes back down. predict the position vs. time, velocity vs. time, and the acceleration vs. time for this.

IDK how to do this!

i tried on the first one. on the graph, i have it looking like an upside-down U and the top of the hill is where it momentarily stops. and then as it goes down the hill, its going backwards.

what do i do for velocity and acceleration??
is the velocity + when going uphill? what about the acceleration? and is the velocity - when going downhill? and again, what does acceleration do??

i tried to ask for help, but no one has really taken the time to explain. it would be MUCH APPRECIATED if you could help me out!

Thanks!!! :)

  • PHYSIC help! -

    I would have made an upside down V for the position vs time. REason: straight slope of PvsT indicates constant velocity up, and a constant velocity down.

    On VvsT, I would have a horizontal line (constant velocity) until top, then switch to a negative horizontal line.

    A? I would have a zero the entire time, except the impulse when it changes direction, a negative spike straiht down.

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