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Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much.

1)As to the content, English Romanticism focused above all on the “individual” as the subject of all meaningful experience and the centre of life and art.
2) The Romantics saw the individual in the solitary state; they exalted the atypical, the outcast, the rebel.
3) This attitude led to the cult of the rebel and to the view of society as an evil.
4)Romantic poets, especially the younger ones, often opposed society and rejected its traditional moral codes and religious values.
5) In some of them this spirit of revolt led to a sort of titanism whereas in others it led to the exaltation of the irrational and mystic aspects of life, and to a concern with the supernatural.
6) Some of them turned to an idealized Hellenism, inspired by the Greek ideal of beauty and by the concept of poetry for poetry’s sake.
7) The current of thought represented by Rousseau encouraged the notion that social conventions restrict individual personality and produce every kind of corruption and evil.

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    7. OR "The current thought..."


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