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Chemistry, Algebra

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A baker uses dried skim milk that contains 3.0% moisture and costs $1.16 per lb, which on a moisture free basis would be $1.20 per lb. If liquid skim milk containing 90.5% water costs $1.60 per gallon (8.64 lbs), what would be the comparative cost of 1lb. dry solids from the liquid milk?

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    Here is how the 3% stuff is calculated.
    3% moisture = 97% milk; therefore,
    1.16 x (100%/97%) = 1.20

    So wouldn't we do the liquid milk the same way?
    1.60 x (100/9.5) = ??/8.64 lbs.
    So the cost per 1 lb is xx.

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    so you have to find the percentage moisture loss

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