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What are the concepts of assertive communication? What are the benefits of being an assertive nurse?

The only thing I can come up with is that being an assertive nurse would allow you to stand up to a physician or authority when you feel they have done something wrong and have the confidence that you are right. What else is a benefit?

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    I think you have missed the entire concept of assertive communication.
    You need to reread your text on this.

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    Being assertive does not always mean confronting someone you think is wrong.

    Being assertive means convincing the patient that he needs the shot, medication, treatment, etc.

    Being assertive means asking the doctor if the order he gave is correct.

    Being assertive means asking the patient's visitors to leave when you think he's too tired.

    Being assertive means quietly explaining to a coworker why you can't take her shift tomorrow.

    Read the site posted by Bobpursley, and go back and read your text materials.

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    My text gives the definition of confidently aggresive, self assured, and the ability to recognize our rights and responsibilities while still respecting the rights of others so now im totally confused.

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    I disagree with your text about being "aggressive." Seldom does aggressiveness accomplish much. I think the rest is correct.

    Now, put together what Bob and I told you along with the website and your text.

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