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Thank you for your last corrections!
Can you please check the following summary I prepared on the theme of colonialism in Conrad's "Heart of Darkness"?

1) Conrad presents colonialism not only as a political and an economical enterprise but also as a consequence of the individual’s lust for power.
2)No effort is made by the colonialists to understand the conquered people that they exploit as “row matter”.
3)The colonized have been reduced to mere objects, squeezed out of life through hard labour, then discarderd.
4) Marlow’s trip to the Congo itself can be seen as a recreation of the colonialist expedition.
5) As Marlow insistence on death and blackness indicates, it is not light but darkness the white man has brought with him to Africa.

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    1. economic, not economical

    2. whom, not "that"

    3. discarded (sp)

    5. Marlow's

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