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I selected 5 sentences as promised. I really hope the others were correct!
Sentence number 6 refers to the Italian grading system which I don't know how to express in English.

1) During the break I go out in the courtyard.We aren't allowed to smoke or run in the corridor.
2) I go to football training twice a week. On Saturdays we play a match against other local teams.
3) We have a one-hour English class (or one-hour English classes) (on) three days a week.
4) I prefer scientific subjects such as physics and maths to humanities.
5) We are tested orally twice a term and we get three written marks each term (is there a better way of expressing it??).
6)Each school year is divided into two terms. At the end of each term students get a school report. In the first term they get two average marks,: one resulting from the average of his oral tests and one from the average of his written test.

  1. Writeacher

    1 - space after the period

    2 - comma after "Saturdays"

    3 - fine, either way

    4 - comma after "subjects"

    5 - comma after "term" -- the rest is fine.

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