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carlos needs to chain his dog, he attaches a 13-meter chain to the corner of a dog house that measures 9m by 5m. How much area does the dog have to run around? Round to the nearest tenth.

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    you need to sketch this out. At each corner, you will draw an arc of radius whatever chain is left, measured from the tie point. Look at the areas, and add them

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    make sure you start with a diagram.
    extend the lines to length 13 for both sides of the dog-house, starting at the point where the dog is tied.
    So I see 3/4 of a circle with radius 13 + 1/4 of a circle with radius8 + 1/4 of a circle with radius 4

    total area = (3/4)π(13^2) + (1/4)π(8^2) + (1/4)π(4^2)
    = 461.0 m^2

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