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I've got some homework about ellipses and I am not sure if I am doing these right. So if you could check my answers I would appreciate it. Thanks!!

1.) Write an equation for an ellipse if the endpoints of the major axis are at (1,6) and (1,-6) and the endpoints of the minor axis are at (5,0) and (-3,0).

A.) (x-1)^2/36 + y^2/16 = 1
B.) (x+1)^2/36 + y^2/16 = 1
C.) y^2/36 + (x-1)^2/16 = 1
D.) y^2/36 + x^2/16 =1

**My answer is D.

2.) Which is the equation of an ellipse with center (-4,2) and a horizontal major axis?

A.) (x-4)^2/16 + (y-2)^2/4 = 1
B.) (x+4)^2/16 + (y-2)^2/4 = 1
C.) (y+2)^2/16 + (x+4)^2/4 = 1
D.) (y-2)^2/16 + (x-4)^2/4 = 1

**My answer is B.

  • Algebra 2 -

    1) the center is (1, 0), not (0, 0)
    notice that the major coordinates are not (0, 6) and (0,-6).

    2) correct!

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