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How do you make this into a parrell sentence? Thank you

Palm readers examine lines on the palm, fingers and their lengths, and the prominence of the mounts.

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    Any series (three or more items) needs to have all its parts in the same structure -- all nouns; all adjectives; all nouns with one adjective; all present participles; etc.

    Here's what you have:

    Palm readers examine lines

    on the palm,
    fingers and their lengths,
    prominence of the mounts

    You could say that each of the items in the series includes a noun, they are not parallel. Here's why:

    ~~on the palm = noun in prepositional phrase
    ~~fingers and their lengths = 2 nouns, one with a modifier
    ~~prominence of the mounts = noun with a prepositional phrase (including a 2nd noun) modifying it

    How can you re-write this sentence so that all elements of the series are phrased with the same construction?

    Read this carefully before you decide:

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    I left an important word out!

    " ... includes a noun, but they are not parallel."

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