4th grade

posted by ADRIANNA


  1. Writeacher




    These sites should help you, especially the first two.

  2. PsyDAG

    Please do not use all capitals. Online it is like SHOUTING. Not only is it rude, but it is harder to understand. Thank you.

    Also, indicate your subject in the "school Subject" box, so those with expertise in the area will respond to the question.

    This advice is to help you to get better and quicker responses to your posts. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous

    you should put name and date

  4. Anonymous

    what the book is about

  5. kenny

    this story is showing that this house is a haunted one and you should alaways be careful

  6. Alex

    What subject do you have to write about? If your teacher didn't give you one, pick a subject that you would like to write about :)

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