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Discuss how you handled a communication experience that led to a conflict. What created the conflict?

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    When my son was in 6th grade, he told me that his teacher wouldn't let him run for student council. I was livid and . . .

    Please post "Go on" and I'll complete this experience and tell you how I handled it.

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    "Go on"

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    Thanks for responding. We get a lot of posts where we think the poster doesn't come back to see our answers.

    I called the teacher in charge of the student council. After she looked into the situation, she called me and told me that the kids hadn't nominated my son. Both the student council teacher and I had been so sure that Bob would be the treasurer that year, that he couldn't bear to face me with the real facts. I waited several weeks before I talked with him about this lie. He admitted it and explained.

    Thank goodness I didn't call his sixth grade teacher and ream her out!

    Moral of the story -- make sure you have all of the facts before jumping to conclusions.

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