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Thank you very much for your cooperation. Can you please check some more sentences?

1) His soul had gone mad as a result of his solitude in the wilderness.
2) He struggled against the madness of his soul that, however, recognized no limits and ad no faith in anything.
3)However, the Russian warns Marlow that Kurzt could be terrible when ivory was at stake (?).
4)Kurzt spoke English to Marlow – his mother was half-English and his father half-French. Europe produced him.
5) He wrote a report about Africa in which he stated that white men were seen as gods by the natives and so they should use their power to improve Africa and its peoples.
6)He appeared to have a highly moral view of the European role in Africa. However, at the end of the document there was a single sentence in which he urged to kill all the natives, whom he called “brutes”.
7)His highly moral view is thus ironic since he had no morals at all.
8) He looked out into the abyss that confront us all in the end and commented “the horror!".
9) He had been defeated by his desires but in the end he had the courage to look at what had happened to himself and was horrified by the sight.

  • English -

    #2. "ad" = "had"

    #8. "confront" = "confronts"

    Everything else looks ok.


  • English -

    2. had no faith

    4. Use a semicolon, not a dash, to connect independent clauses.

    "Europe produced him." = ???

    6. comma after "document"
    "in which he urged" whom? "to kill..."

    7. This reads as an oxymoron. Needs to be rephrased. http://www.answers.com/oxymoron

    8. Subject is "that" that refers to "abyss" = singular. How will you correct the verb?
    Delete the period after the quotation marks.

    9. comma after "desires"
    change "himself" to "him"

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