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i have this question i have been working on two days no and cannot get the correct solution. I am to write and equation of the line containin the given point and parallel to the given line. I put my answer in the form of y=mx+b and I keep getting y= 7x+1
Can you show me what I am doing wrong

(6,7) x+4=7

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    Check the given Eq. Should it be
    y = x + 4 ? (6 , 7).

    m1 = 1 = Slope of given Eq
    y = mx + b
    7 = 1*6 + b,
    Solve for b:
    7 = 6 + b,
    Subtract 6 from eaqch side:
    1 = b or
    b = 1.

    Eq: y = 1x + 1

    If your given Eq is different, use this as a guide or Repost it.

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