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(Which indefinites correspond with the following words?) Please re-write the following nouns preceded by the correct indefenido.

6. ____ primos

7. ____ apartamentos

8. ____ idioma

9. ____ naciones

  1. whitney-stupid question...

    will someone please help me??? geez..

  2. Jen

    First of all, relax. All of the people that respond to these posts are VOLUNTEERS. Nobody gets paid to help you. People help because they like to help. It would be nice if the people that we help could have patience and thank us when they get help.
    Second of all, I am a bit rusty on Spanish, so I cannot guarantee my answers are all correct, but I will try.
    The indefinite articles are un, una, unos, unas. They all mean a in the english language, and depend on the gender and if the word is singular or plural. The definite articles mean the. They are el, la, los, las.
    6. los
    7. los
    8. el
    9. las
    I would check #9. That's the one I'm most unsure of. Just check if it's feminine or masculine in your textbook.

  3. whitney-stupid question...

    well i was in a rush to get these answers because i am home schooled and this is a assignment. and i helped some people with their questions but thanks for the answers. you have helped me alot.

  4. SraJMcGin

    The word here is "indefinites"

    6. unos
    7. unos
    8. un (idioma is masculine)
    9. unas


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