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Which major should Derrick pick based on the starting salary?
Mean: $39,000
Median: $30,000
Range: $20,000

Mean: $35,000
Median: $34,000
Range: $12,000

Could someone explain why it would be a certain major?
I don't know: I thought engineering since the range of salaries isn't a huge difference, and the mean and median are close(but is this a good thing)

  • Math -

    Both distributions are positively skewed, since the mean is more effected by deviant scores than the median. The first distribution has the greater skew.

    With the range of 12k and median of 34K, he has a 50% chance of getting between 34-46K. For the first distribution, the 50% chance is to get between 30-50K. Of course, that is just looking at the positive side.

    Wouldn't it depend on how optimistic Derrick was?

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