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An engineer of a passenger train traveling at 25.0 m/s sights a freight train whose caboose is 200m ahead on the same track. The freight train is traveling at 15.0 m/s in the same direction as the passenger train. The engineer of the passenger train immediately applies the brakes, causing a constant accelaration of -0.100 m/s2, while the freight train continues with constant speed. Take x=0 at the location of the front of the passenger train when the engineer applies the brake.

(a) will the cows nearby witness a collision?

(b) if so, where it take place?

(c) on a single graph, sketch the positions of the frong of the passenger train and the back of the freight train.

  • physics -

    do this with relative velocity

    distance apart=-distancepassenger covers+200

    distance apart= (25 -speed passenger)*time +200

    distance= 25t - 15t + 1/2 .1 t^2 + 200

    ok, solve for t when distance=0. If there is a solution, a collision occurs

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